About Me

My mother has schizophrenia and when we were young we ended up wards of the state eventually being sent to live with my grandparents. This ended up being a blessing for me. My grandmother has a slavic and gypsy background and she has been doing fortune telling for a good portion of her life. Her gift heavily influenced me both as an intuitive and fortune teller..

I have been a psychic intuitive and fortune teller since I was a teenager. At the age of 20 I went through an introspection and tore myself to pieces being 100% honest with myself. When I stopped lying to myself and ignoring my inner voice things improved in my life quickly. This change occurred after I had just broken-up from a serious relationship. I travelled to Nova Scotia to find solace and just think. It was while I was out by the water overlooking the ocean that I had my re-birth. Sun rays bore down on me and it felt like god was talking to me. It was then that I forever changed who I was and how I acted. And strangely enough that was the start of my turning my life around and doing much more including listening to my psychic side.

Everything that was bad turned good suddenly as soon as I took the focus off the negative and turned the attention to what I could control. I took responsibility for my actions and began a process of re-inventing myself. My passion grew as I started to find things that made me happy. My grades went from failing to A's! My kindness bursted out of me (one of my biggest traits) and it has touched many people in positive ways. I explored all things opening my mind to everything and everyone to gain more perspective.

Now at peace with myself I find my pathway continues to lead me to embrace what I have with my high psychic intuitive abilities and I am able to help others see how I see things. There are always many options for each of us and we all can tap into our abilities to help see future streams easier.