Can you hear the voice?

Since I was young I have always seen things differently.

Part of my abilities comes from my heritage with my grandmother who did fortune telling. But I also believe my genes have a high degree of aspergers or autism and that has shown itself with my son Gregory who was diagnosed with autism when he was four years old. I have a theory that we all have some level of aspergers in us and mine has some how given me a stronger insight into people and made me the psychic intuitive that I am today.

I can hear the voices and visualise people almost as if I am watching a television show or listening to a radio show. I often find myself drifting into my "dream world" to get insight on something, running the same scenarios over and over again watching different streams play out. 

When I first started doing this it amazed me to discover when focused I can predict outcomes of conversations or be much better prepared just by listening to the voices. 

Taking time out of your day just to meditate and listen to your voice either out loud or in your mind is a very good thing. Find a way to focus and stay true. Do not lie to yourself. Be real and the truth will set you on a very good path to enlightenment.