Your inner voice speaks to you everyday

How often do you talk to yourself? I do not mean out loud. Even that though can be therapeutic sometimes. Take the time everyday to hear what is in your heart. You are your own best friend!!

Make a Psychic Connection with Your Inner Self

If only it were easier to make a direct connection with your inner self! Some people will go through their lives never listening to the truth that lies in front of us every day. If we know something makes us unhappy why do we keep allowing it to happen? 

Everyday Divination

Divination of the future may take many forms. The little things you do each day may develop into rituals. Divination is not a formula meant to lock you into a step-by-step process. It's an appreciation for disrupting the ordinary and seeing your energy reflected later on. Just like a loud noise echoes on a wall faraway, divination assures us that the subtlest paces of our daily rituals come back to us as reverberations of what we have already created.