Monthly Fortune Telling

My psychic intuitive reading does not stop with one reading! For an additional 6 months you will also receive a bonus monthly fortune telling to keep guiding your future pathways. 

My grandmother was a gyspy and she did fortune tellings using tarot cards. I can still see her tapping the cards as she worked through her fortune tellings with her clients.

Often she would allow me to be the customer and experience them for myself. I enjoyed them immensely and marveled at how accurate they were. This is something I plan to share with all of my clients. It is a quick reading where I will need 5 minutes of your time by phone so you can pick the cards as I lay them out. Together we will talk through them and get a peak at future events coming your way! 

Afterwards, if you enjoy the experience you can continue the service by becoming a patreon (details will be provided soon).. 

Thank you for reaching out to me.