I am a "psychic intuitive", a friend and guide helping you see things more clearly. Discover why my readings are a unique and refreshing experience.

  • Fortune Telling: Explore what is on your mind for $20 with a 15 minute phone conversation followed by a tarot card reading where I will provide you insight and a peak into the future.
  • Quick Reading Package: Explore 1 burning question for $75 and receive a reading with a series of sessions spanning a few days. For the next 6 months you will also receive 6 bonus fortune tellings for free.
  • Premium Reading Package: Explore 3 burning questions for $150 and receive a reading with a series of sessions spanning a few weeks. For the next 6 months you will also receive 6 bonus fortune tellings for free.

Experience a reading that will reach into your soul for answers. This is a unique experience that carries well beyond one session. The truth is it takes more time to get to know someone to truly provide insight and often it may take weeks or months to complete the journey. Each individual is different. Through a series of sessions by emails, texts and phone conversations I will try and get to what you are looking for and will not stop until you have the answer you need. To help ensure I am on the right track, I ask for a one or two page email explaining your question(s) in more detail. From there as soon as I receive your payment we will work out mutual times where we will discuss your burning question(s) and try and discover the answers you seek together.

Although I can see future streams, I am not a doctor nor a healer nor do I speak to your loved ones that have passed. However, I do have a method I use to visit those that have passed and are touched to my life streams through day-dreaming and when going to sleep. If trying to contact a passed loved one is your question I am open to talking about the person and trying to help you re-awaken your memories so you can try and meditate and visit with the person using the technique I use to visit my loved ones.

When you are choosing your questions try and focus on finding answers to something that is troubling you or that you are unsure what to do or in the case of seeing a loved one that passed try and think about memories you have with the person.

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